Designing Our Baby's Room from Scratch

Designing Our Baby's Room from Scratch

Landis Carey
Feb 27, 2012

I'm about to be a new mom. Our baby boy is due April 16th, and since I'm 100% convinced he'll arrive sooner, my husband and I recently turned our attention to the space that's his soon-to-be nursery. Follow along over the next few weeks as we transform this blank 100-square-foot room into a cozy, eco-friendly space

Because we're total newbies (please help us!) we need lots of advice. Chime in as we complete our project—we'd love your thoughts on everything from nursery must-haves to changing table organization.

Design Goals
To create a room that's both baby-friendly and design-conscious. I have strong opinions about color, spatial design and clutter, and because the nursery is a relatively small space within eyeshot of the other bedrooms on our second floor, it must visually flow with its surroundings. We aim to opt for killer artwork and natural materials over pastels and plastics.

Low Impact Living
My husband and I strive to be conscientious consumers by purchasing heirloom-quality products and living with less. We believe if we purchase goods that are useful, beautiful and designed for longevity, we don't need to consume as much as if we shopped for the here and now. These lifestyle choices have worked really well for us so far, but as we head into the uncharted territory of baby, product marketers are constantly testing our values. They want us to believe every item they sell is a must-have. I'd say this has been and will be the biggest challenge we'll faced as we plan our baby's new space and consider which items we'll bring into our home.

Upcoming Nesting a Nursery topics:
• Tools for Planning Your Nursery
• Inspirations
• Color Schemes
• Organization
• Decor
• Artwork

If you'd like to see what our dining room, master bedroom and kitchen look like, take a'll give you a better understanding of our home's interior and our style.

(Images: Landis Carey)

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