Maxwell Ryan
Oct 4, 2005


11 Comments over the final weekend,with contributions from Pixie, Guido, Dorianne, Susan, Patrick 2 and Kim:
Pixie: I am going to wash the hallway and desk area floor this weekend. The flooring looks like more or less like this:

later... I had to hustle to make my deadline tonight, but I did it - I washed the floor in the very long hallway and desk area. So glad I got that over with. I wouldn't have done it if I hadn't said I would here. Susan: Hello everyone I am new to this site but I am already in love! I cleaned out one of my storage units (by putting it into the one that comes with my apartment - saving money) And I am slowly emptying it one box/bag at a time.... Dorianne:I haven't cleaned anything this weekend. *hangs head in shame* Well, I cleaned the bathroom counter, but only 'cause I had to (I was dyeing slipcovers). Patrick 2: Dorianne-- "Dying slipcovers" trumps "swiffered listlessly" any day. Pick that head up proudly, sister!!! Dorianne: jeebus, patrick, you just made me spew diet pepsi on my screen! LMFAO!
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