Never Forget This Exists in the World: The "At One" Sofa

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We all know the feeling: you've spent so long on the sofa that you begin to feel "at one" with your favorite seat. Well, designer Charlotte Kingsnorth took it a few rather scary steps further to craft this sofa which marries the two ideas: seat and sitter in one can't-look-away creation.

Although it originally exhibited at London Design Week 2009, we were recently reminded of its existance and thought it deserved a second look.

And Kingsnorth has been busy with some similar new projects, this time using vintage chairs as the foundation for her Hybreed line of designs. Take a look:

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What do you think? Is this the ultimate upcycling or not your cup of tea?

See all the designs at Charlotte Kingsnorth.

(Image credits: Charlotte Kingsnorth; Charlotte Kingsnorth)

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