Never Lose Your USB Drive Again

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We admit when it comes to gadgets, smaller is better. We go crazy for the thinnest HDTVs, pack thousands of songs and videos onto the smallest iPods, and cram as much memory as we can into a tiny flash drive. But you know what? Those teeny tiny flash drives? We lose them. So Chris Spurgeon designed a flash drive that is sure to not be lost or forgotten...

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We can't do a better job than Chris himself of explaining this project:

"Flash drives are getting smaller and smaller, and at the same time their capacity keeps getting bigger and bigger. All of this means the chances of losing your flash drive, and of that loss being disastrous, keeps rising.

To guard against that, I've taken the clever step of embedding my flash drive into a regulation sixteen pound bowling ball. Let's see if I send that through the laundry by mistake!"

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