Neville House: A Toy Meant For Adults That Kids Will Love

Over at CB2 they've put out their new fall line (sorry, didn't mean to use the "f" word already), and in it is this adorable little Neville House. Even though it's intended for adults to display, we think it's a great small space dollhouse that is perfect for kids as well. Just look at that fireplace!

This pint size Mid-Century palace is made from pine and walnut, complete with a sandpaper floor. Even if you don't have enough space for a full size dollhouse, this one is just right to hold a small doll or possibly an animal.

It's a great piece to keep out on display in your home without feeling like it needs to be hidden away when company comes and could be great for grandparents (or other frequently visited relatives) to have on hand when the kiddies come by to visit. Find it at CB2 for $59.95.

(Image: CB2)