New Charley Harper Books

We, along with what seems like everyone else in the design community, have been completely smitten with Todd Oldham's Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life book. It's big, it's beautiful, but it's expensive. So we're thrilled that there is not one, but two new Charley Harper books coming out soon, both of which will put a much smaller dent in your pocketbook.

Charley Harper's ABC's, technically a children's book, and a reissue of Charles Harper's Birds and Words are both slated to be published by AMMO this spring. Both books are currently available for pre-order on Amazon. Both of them will look great holding a space on your coffee table until you can get a hold of a copy of the 12-lb behemoth An Illustrated Life, or will be great accompaniments to it if you're lucky enough to already have one.