New Coleman Inflatable Matress has Built-In Speakers

New Coleman Inflatable Matress has Built-In Speakers

Taryn Williford
Feb 19, 2009

If you're the type to get all into the sounds of wildlife around you while you're out camping, this is not for you. This inflatable mattress, from the camping-supply pros at Coleman, features a speaker built-in to the end of the mattress where you can hook up your iPod or CD Player (does anyone still have a portable CD player?) and get to rocking out in your tent. Even if camping's not your scene, we don't see why you couldn't use this in your house to fall asleep to some soothing sounds from right under your pillow....

The Coleman Quickbed with MP3 Speakers features all kinds of great mattress stuff like a double valve and a plush top, but we're not so sure about the specs of the amplifiers. Check out the Amazon page for yourself and see what you think. The queen size is on sale for $57ish.

Coleman also makes an inflatable mattress with an alarm clock built in. You know, so you don't miss that very important 'piss-on-a-tree' appointment you have in the morning. That one is also at Amazon for $60.

[ Via Craziest Gadgets ]

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