Colored Classic Blocks From Tegu

Colored Classic Blocks From Tegu

Sarah Rae Smith
Mar 16, 2011

Remember these blocks from Tegu? They have small magnets in them that hold them in all sorts of cool shapes. Well just when you thought the awesome couldn't get more, um, awesomer, they made them in colors! Colors people colors!

You can pick up this set in two different color options: Jungle or Tints. Both sets are available in 52 or 26 block sets. This gives you the chance to mix and match as your pocketbook allows. No matter what your color choice each block has smooth clean lines that are easy to grip and irresistible to play with no matter what your age!

Find Them Here
Jungle 26 Block Set for $60
Jungle 52 Block Set for $110
Tints 26 Block Set for $60
Tints 52 Block Set for $110

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