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Email from 6.11.08

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I met Bruce Marsh last week at our monthly meetup (note: coming to the meetup often leads to good exposure). He was the one person in the crowd who jumped up to help me remove a chandelier that was hanging in the way of the view. Turns out he's pretty talented with furniture as well...

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In an incredibly tough business (furniture design and manufacture), Bruce is an anomaly. Twice successful, by founding and ModernTots, he recently started his third company, Bruce Marsh Designs, which focuses entirely on modern hardwood furniture with a decidedly eco bent. You can see it all on his website, which is easy to navigate and very folksy.

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With over 20 original designs, Bruce has an entire collection of handmade pieces built out of American walnut and maple that cover bedroom, dining room, kitchen and living room. He never uses veneers or stains, and only uses non-toxic, solvent-free adhesives and stainless steel hardware.

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Prices are high (this is not IKEA) but fair for the work involved. Keep in mind that this level of commitment has it's rewards, as these pieces will last forever and age well with time. The designs range from edgy to plain.

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We particularly like:

>> Alice Adjustable Chair ($615), which can also be a barstool or low stool.

>> Pat Reclaimed Wood Bench ($195), which can also be used for shelving.

>> Amar Platform Bed ($1995), which is simply about the wood.

>> Bruce Marsh Designs

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