New from Blu Dot: SHILF Modular Shelving System

Brand new, the Blu Dot SHILF is very nice looking; a simple flexible design that also seems super sturdy. We're thinking that pretty much sums up what most of us are looking for in a shelving system, but as these things tend to go, that is not always easy to find. This powder-coated metal system looks more elegant than your average bookshelf, with no sacrifice in usability or longevity. More pics and pricing below:

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Sure, these cost a (quite) a bit more that a wall full of Billy bookshelves, but we are thinking that these will be around for the duration. The combination of simple styling, use of hard-wearing finish and material and the option of being able to rearrange the components as your needs (or rooms) change makes these a long term investment. According to the press release, no tools or hardware are needed to reconfigure the pieces, making rearrangements a snap.

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Available through the Blu Dot Store, the Dot Spots and online only.

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