New from Roll & Hill: Blow by Lindsey Adelman & Rudi by Lukas Peet

ICFF 2012

Whenever anyone asks me for a source for interesting contemporary lighting, I just about shout out the name "ROLL & HILL!". The NY-based company is doing really great work with an amazing group of designers and the quality is jaw-droppingly remarkable. This year at ICFF, they showed off a few new, very imaginative designs, here are two worth a longer look:

Lindsay Adelman's Blow (shown above the jump) is a cloud-shaped, white, high gloss, articulated design. Feminine yet industrial, playful and smart.

Rufus Peet's Rudi are rings of gilt and light. They look magically suspended and lighter than air, with the illuminated portion perfectly matched to the metal sections.

Company: Roll & Hill

Reporter & Images: Janel Laban
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