New Home Theater PC Keyboards

A few months back we took a look at some pocket keyboards perfect for a HTPC setup. In the last 4 months the landscape of home entertainment has evolved with the introduction of Google TV, Roku, and the now lower-priced Apple TV. We’ll tell you about some of the new HTPC keyboards to come out, after the jump.

  • Ality WeeBoard ($79) - This sleek white keyboard by Ality has an optical trackpad and backlighting, making it perfect for late night movie watching. It uses RF-based technology (rather than bluetooth) and has a top row of customizable buttons. The WeeBoard is set to go on sale next month.
  • IOGEAR GKM571R ($99) - This new keyboard from IOGEAR was announced this week and features backlit keys along with an optical trackball. Its square keys have an almost vintage appeal and like the WeeBoard, it has dedicated media hotkeys.
  • IOGEAR GKM581R ($89) - If the GKM571R feels a bit small, one might opt for the GKM581R which features larger keys in addition to a larger optical trackball. The trackball also has a built-in 400, 800, or 1200 DPI selection for smooth scrolling.
  • Logitech Keyboard Controller for Logitech Revue ($99) - While this keyboard is specifically made for Logitech’s Revue, its unifying technology allows it to work with both PC and Mac. While the specialty buttons such as the guide and TV do not work with a computer, the trackpad and most other buttons do. The keyboard is a good size for those who want something more full-sized, but its slim design still manages to keep it lightweight.