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We've already featured the cool Sanak-Ji Water Table from newcomer Cheme Designs, but their entire line is worth a peek. Play tables, art tables, desks, chairs and stools round out this eco-friendly line.

Like their fun water table, all of Cheme's pieces feature rounded corners that create a modern look while adding safety (no sharp corners!). Made from high-quality, furniture-grade wood, products have clever design elements; the art table, for example, has an adjustable height for sitting, standing, or growing. All the finishes used are low-VOC and the furniture is Green Guard certified, which means they won't off-gas harmful fumes.

Gimbop play table ($229) and Sanak-ji water play table ($279)
Kimchi chair ($40)
Mondoo art table ($249)
Dubuu desk ($449)
Galbi stools ($35-40)

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