New Line of Home Products from Orla Kiely

New Line of Home Products from Orla Kiely

Laure Joliet
Sep 22, 2008

It's no secret that designer Orla Kiely tops our list of favorites. Well she's expanded her line of home products from just lamps and wallpaper to mid-century tinged sofas, chairs, rugs and things to help you organize:

Her sunny aesthetic is perfectly in line with life in Los Angeles and her mid century leanings fit even better. We love the sillhouette of her new chairs and sofas and love the simplicty of her magazine holder. The downer is that the line is only available (at the moment) through British retailer Heal's. And even then, they leap right over what we'd be able to afford. Still, we can drool and find inspiration in her color combinations (like that incredible red/orange with the olive green, the bursts of white and hints of yellow all on a walnut backdrop).

What do you think of her line?

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