New Month, Same Excellent Theme

New Month, Same Excellent Theme

May 7, 2007

Why? Because Small, Cool is too big to cram into just one month. We continue to blog the Small is Cool theme until the Contest has produced this year's winners on the 17th.

If you're just tuning in, you might want to check out all the incredible entries we received this year (they're all archived right here). Voting ended a little early here in SF because our last new entry was posted on Tuesday, but it continues in other AT cities through today. This week you'll see the judges' honorable mentions, and next week we'll be rolling out expanded entries from the finalists: four from each of the AT cities.

To find out the winners first, we invite you to head to DWR in Jackson Square on May 17th, where we will be honoring all the entrants and announcing the champions, live! Drinks are on us and DWR.

Questions or tips on Small, Cool living, or anything else home design-related? Email us here.

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