How cool are these beautiful new mosaic wall decals from Znak? We've seen their gorgeous work before on Apartment Therapy, specifically, their genius tear-off wallpaper. Designed by Latvian artist Martins Ratniks, these new colorful wall decals come in a variety of colors and patterns that can be configured lots of different ways.

This would be an awesome way to create a statement wall. Or you could easily create chic wall art by covering just a part of the wall. Either way, this is a really clever way to adorn a wall with minimal investment. (Sounds like a solution for renters, perhaps?) The decals come with a stencil that makes near-perfect alignment a breeze. Three easy steps: attach the stencil, peel off the back of the decal, and attach the decal to the wall inside the stencil outline.

However, unless you are planning a trip to Latvia soon, it looks like these neat decals might be a little tough to come by. If you are interested in making a purchase, you can email Znak about the details. Now if only I could get my own kids to actually apply the decals and have them look that beautiful, it would be a win-win situation: beautiful wall art that also entertains my kids all afternoon.

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(Images: Znak. Via Design Milk)