New! Owl Family Mobile

Petit Collage woos us every time with their simple, yet retro inspired designs, that appeal to adults and children alike. We love them so much we've talked about them not once, not twice, but three, four and even five times (ok, so maybe that puts us at Groupie status?)! But we don't give a hoot, because now there's owls to boot...

The new Owl Family Mobile sits under a crescent moon and is made in the USA from quickly renewing bamboo. They retail at $68 and shipping is on them! (As is any order that includes one of their mobiles).

Our favorite part about their mobiles is that they are pieces that are able to age with your children or can migrate to other parts of your home for dual usage. Check out more on these great visual displays over at Petit Collage.

(Image: Petit Collage)

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