New Resources for Kitchen Renovations

Open New Design Doors with Wilsonart’s Contract Collection

When it comes to personalizing the space in your home where your family and friends spend the most time – not just cooking, but playing, learning, working and entertaining – the more choices, the merrier.

Wilsonart has the perfect surfacing solution for any style seeker. Looking to expand your laminate repertoire from the usual Wilsonart® Home Collection? Double your countertop options by including the Wilsonart® Contract Collection in your next residential kitchen makeover.

Eco designer Danny Seo gives tips about unconventional and affordable solutions for 'green kitchen' remodeling. He talks about Wilsonart® HD® High Definition® Laminate and Wilsonart® Premium Laminate, including stone and woodgrain looks. By thinking beyond the beautiful Wilsonart Home Collection and expanding the laminate options for your kitchen to include the Wilsonart® Contract Collection, the possibilities are endless. Don’t limit yourself to Wilsonart’s residential laminate line when remodeling your kitchen; think Contract, too.

Self-proclaimed choosey client and one of our favorite eco-friendly designers, Danny Seo professes his love for Wilsonart’s Contract Laminate designs in a recent video displaying the many options available to anyone and everyone looking for a wider variety of countertop designs. With granite-, marble-, and  blocked wood-inspired laminate surfaces, kitchen countertops now have the ability exude the beauty of high-end hotels and gorgeous retail spaces at a fraction of the price, without the upkeep and environmental impact of natural stone. Any countertop design normally seen in a commercial space can now be translated to your own kitchen, allowing you to dream big and save even bigger. Plus, all Wilsonart Laminate options have a minimum of 20% post-consumer recycled content, which is just part of what makes them a sustainable choice for your home. When planning your next remodeling project, don’t just think Wilsonart’s Home Collection; think Contract.

Looking for a stylish, eco-friendly countertop option that comes in under budget? Shop the Wilsonart Contract Collection Now!