Small Space Solutions from ICFF 2014

New York Design Week

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We're always on the lookout for innovative solutions for your home. In honor of the Small Cool Contest, and New York Design Week, here's a round up of new designs for small scale living, each of which were shown at this year's ICFF. Keep an eye out for them if you're in the market, or use as fresh inspiration for upcoming DIY projects.

Above, Umbra Shift's Hanger Chair, designed by Philippe Malouin, is both closet storage and extra seating for guests. Made of baltic birch plywood, it's available in five colors.

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Ypsy ladder by Cristiana Macedo for Two.Six is both ladder and valet, with an extra shelf. Perfect for landing strips in small apartments.

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Tronk's 90 degree wooden Franklin shelf can be mounted on inside or outside corners.

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Pelle Designs displayed these wall-mounted bedside tables, with lots of storage and no footprint.

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Marset showed off their La Discrète Table Lamp, designed by Fabien Dumas last year. It too can be wall mounted to create extra space.

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In addition to having a booth at ICFF, Scout Regalia now has its Ranger Station Bar Stool for sale at the MoMA Store. Seating plus storage!

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And lastly, Brendan Ravenhill added this black and brass wall-mounted sconce to his line of lighting.

(Image credits: Dabney Frake)

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