atla-072808-belts.jpgAs the weather warms up, you might be tempted to straighten out your closet as you look for the deep summer wear as we did this weekend. Before you donate your old clothes to your local Council Thrift shop (a favorite of ours because of the itemized receipts that make doing our taxes a whole lot easier), you might want to consider these ideas we noted from the various magazines we went also thru this weekend...

  • Need a new seat cushion for a stool or bench? Weave together your old belts to form a sturdy and unique seat (via Readymade Magazine)
  • Easy handle. Cut slits in a box to draw a belt through and buckle it up. Glue the belt on the interior of the box to keep it sturdy (also via from Readymade Magazine)
  • Watch out. A variation on the belt idea from this Spring's issue of O at Home Magazine, uses old watches as drawer pulls. Lay the unbuckled watches flat out on the front of your drawer and nail them in place. A great way to display a collection with more sentimental than resale value.
  • Dress up your furniture: We've bloggedhow to make a sweater seat. You can also sew up the necks, tuck the arms inside, stuff the body and turn old sweaters and t-shirts into unique throw pillows. Or cut off the bottom few inches to create a stretchy band of fabric and use the band to transform your summer pillows into winter ones with this simple idea from Martha Stewart