A Few Unusual Uses for Your Old Nintendo Gamecube

A Few Unusual Uses for Your Old Nintendo Gamecube

Taryn Williford
Mar 28, 2013

The Nintendo Gamecube was a funny little thing, wasn't it? Symmetric and compact, brightly colored, and a gaming console with its own cute handle for who knows what reason. And yet, everyone on the block had one (although that might be more thanks to Super Smash Bros. than the console design). You can find old, discarded Gamecube systems nearly everywhere.

If you manage to find a working model, then crank that sucker up and start Karting! But if you stumble across a broken Gamecube, or you have one collecting dust at home, it's time to play a game called "DIY" and get into one of these cool projects for your home or home office. 

Desk Organizer

Etsy seller GreenCub takes old consoles and transforms them into new items. And our two favroite things in their shop are the Gamecube controller Desk-Mate ($19.99, pictured far above) and the Gamecube desk organizers ($59.99, directly above). They're packed with features like USB ports, clip magnets and cubbies for nearly everything.But you can also try to go the DIY route with this one and transform your 'Cube into an organizer that suits your needs.


Instructables user mdamaso hollowed out their Gamecube and lined the inside with the bottom of a milk jug to create this one-of-a-kind planter that only a gamer could love. Follow along with the easy directions and photos at Instructables to make your own. 

PC Case

Modder Neji from the Bit-Tech forum made over a bright yellow Gamecube as a PC case. It's called the PicoCube, thanks to the tiny Pico-ITX motherboard being one of the few that will actually fit inside the 'Cube. If you've got the tech skills to make this happen, give it a try. 

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