We were first introduced to Madison ad Grow's non toxic line of handprinted wallpapers at last year's ICFF. They were a brand new company started by two friends with backgrounds in marketing and design and they were excited to bring their first designs to ICFF for a test drive. The playful sense of scale, rich colors and bold designs made them stand out in a sea of other (great) wallpaper companies. Now, a year later, they're launching a second line of designs inspired by the past, but totally modern.

The new Martha's Vineyard line is a complement to their earlier line with references to the past but with modern palettes and an updated feel. The new line consists of 5 designs: Madison, Maggie, Margot, Michelle and (our favorite) Monique. In contrast to their more dramatic palettes and designs from the Pasadena and Manhattan collections, the Martha's Vineyard collection is pared down, has a lighter feel (Margot looks like Champagne bubbles) and feels like a nice mix of mid century geometric patterns and a looser, 30's inspired Art Nouveau. We could imagine Maggie in a mid century ranch house kitchen, Margot in a suite on the Queen Mary and Michelle in a swanky boutique hotel.

Plus all of their papers are non-toxic, the designs are hand-drawn and then scanned in for pre-press production. Each roll is hand screened with water based ink onto clay coated paper. That means it's super durable and can even be wiped off with a sponge.

If you're attending ICFF, check out their booth, #835.

See all the designs at Madison and Grow.