New York State of Mind: Finding Neighborhood Equivalents Across the Map

The Morning News

New York City — if you can make it there, you'll make it anywhere. But what if you made it there, and now you have to move?? Will you ever find a neighborhood in your new city that suits you as well as your NYC one did? 

Enter The Morning News and their list, New York Elsewhere. Designed to help ex-pats find their neighborhood equivalent in other cities, the list covers major hubs across the US and a few international ones as well.  Love Williamsburg? Try H Street in Washington DC, Corktown in Detroit, or Hackney/Dalston in London. The Upper East Side more your style? Yorkville in Toronto, Streeterville in Chicago or West Hills in Portland may be just the place for you.

The information on the list is hardly all-inclusive, but it could definitely serve as a starting place for New York transplants...

It makes me wonder though; does this neighborhood math work in reverse, as well? What if you live in Seattle and are moving to New York. Does Fremont really approximate the West Village?

We'd love to hear your two cents. Do you agree with these neighborhood equivalents?  What's been your experience?

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