Jill's Tour: Even the Airports are Beautiful!

Jill's Tour: Even the Airports are Beautiful!

Jill Slater
Feb 21, 2008

After arriving in Copenhagen on a red-eye, I convinced my body that it had slept a full night and began my exploration of this mid-century modern mecca at the crack of dawn...

The sun had barely risen and I had already spotted 14 Louis Poulsen lamps--large, small, standing, hanging, in ultra modern settings, in 17th century homes, in museum lobbies, in municipal buildings... to name a few.

Clearly, the theme is good design. Whether low-end or high-end, fashion or transit oriented, clean, simple, and unornamented are de riguer. Everyone here looks well put together, the airport is lined with mahogany floorboards, and every street has a flawless bike lane.

Danish furniture designs are grounded in early 19th Century classicism--with its simple lines and lack of decoration. In the 1920's, Denmark's government put its socialist weight behind new designers. Since then, the Danish functionalism with a natural twist--lots of wood and special attention to the needs of the human body--has yielded a memorable and consistently fresh genre of furniture design. And because it is such an integral part of the Danish gestalt, it easily and seamlessly blends with the city's rich architectural heritage. Modern additions, fixtures, and furniture work as well for a building built 40 years ago as for one built 400 years ago.

And check out this park that turns into an ice skating rink in the winter! Try to spot the woman skating all in white.

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