News: Second Refrigerators Warming Planet

News: Second Refrigerators Warming Planet

We just read an interesting post over at Treehugger about the prevalence of "beer fridges" (or second fridges) in Canada and how those energy-sucking appliances aren't exactly a great thing for the environment. Actually, those fridges, according to a recent study, use 1,165.7 million kWh annually. Ouch!

It got us thinking: We (obviously) don't have a second fridge -- if we did, we'd probably have to keep it in the bedroom. But a lot of American families do keep an older fridge chugging away in the garage or basement. We grew up with what can only be described as a "Diet Coke fridge."

Why our parents needed 24 Diet Cokes cold and at the ready, 24/7 is beyond us. But, truly, we never thought twice about it growing up. And most of our friends' families were also running second fridges full of frozen dinners and leftovers, as well.

Obviously there are alternatives. Many things (like Diet Coke) can be stored unrefrigerated until needed. And, more frequent shops at local grocers and farmers markets, rather than monthly shops at bulk warehouses like Costco, can help cut down on the amount of food that needs refrigeration at one time.

So, second fridges ... do you have one? Did you grow up with one? Can you think of a good reason any family might need one?

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