NEWS: Upcoming Prefab Housing Exhibit at MoMA

NEWS: Upcoming Prefab Housing Exhibit at MoMA

Regina Yunghans
Mar 3, 2008

Get ready for the prefab home exhibition coming up at the MoMA. Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling is an exhibit that will be built in the open lot west of the MoMA.

Curated by Barry Bergdoll and Peter Christensen, the exhibit will show off full-scale prefab designs by contemporary architects...

The delivery of the homes to the site will be fully visible from adjacent streets, giving us, the public, a view into the real-time process of assembling prefab dwellings. And when they're complete, we'll have the opportunity to see the houses' interiors during the exhibition. We can't wait. Read more at

The photo up top is one prefab design created for Home Delivery by Kieran Timberlake Architects.

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