NewWave Hanging Coat Locker

NewWave Hanging Coat Locker

Mar 29, 2007

Here's a playful and fairly inexpensive idea for a landing strip, plucked from the world of classroom furniture: the NewWave Hanging Coat Locker. We love NewWave's elevated design. It reminds us of the Curl Standing Desk. We see the NewWave bringing order to an entryway or ante room, infusing more sophisticated environments (more sophisticated than grammar school) with a little California-casual style.

(If you don't like the look of birch laminate you can always rough it with sandpaper and paint it the color of your choosing,)

With 15 compartments, some perfect for display and others for stashing your stuff, and a coatrack with ten hooks, NewWave maximizes the storage capacity of your wall, and could function beautifully as a front door depository in a temperate climate (fewer bulky personal items at the door).

(Are the proportions too small for your household? You be the judge: with a total width of 48" each cubby can't be much wider than 9".)

The Coat Locker has an even smaller cousin, the hanging diaper caddy, which would make great over-desk shelving in a home office, with plenty 'o compartments for office supplies, books, and mementos.

Available here for $195.

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