Night Light Mirror by Robern

I'm sure we've all been through this... It's late at the night, you wake up, you need something from the medicine cabinet. You don't want to turn on the lights because that'll be too jarring, so you wing it, fumbling around, and everything falls out. Many people have a night light in the bathroom to avoid this, but then that takes up valuable outlet space. The people at Robern have released the Night Light Mirror, a new medicine cabinet that has a cool soft blue LED light built in.

The light is cleverly inegrated into the finger-pull of the door, and has a sensor to automatically turn on when it detect low light levels. (You can also choose a manual setting.) This model also comes with an electrical shelf upgrade, which includes an LED defogger switch and also adds additional electrical outlets! You can find out more info and dealer locations at the Robern website. (via