Personalized Night Sky Poster

Personalized Night Sky Poster

Jun 29, 2007

Adoptive parents know how important it is to connect an adopted child's country of origin to their current life and family, and we are always on the lookout for items we can use as visual clues in our nursery that demonstrate how we are all connected as a family, even if we were all born in different countries.

We look for commonalities, and one of things that we all share, regardless of where we were born, are the stars above us, which is why we think the Personalized Night Sky Posters might be a nifty way to commemorate the day a family grew through adoption.

What we like about this poster for adoptive families is that you specify the exact place on earth that you want to depict, and the date that you want to commemorate. Since international adoptions are usually finalized in the child's birth country, a map of the night sky in their country of origin is a great way to connect them to their past.

You can also add your own personalized message to the poster, so that it matches the story that you tell your children about their adoption. Whether you call it 'meetcha day', 'gotcha day', 'forever family day', or have created your own adoption phraseology, the day a family adds in a new member, by birth, or marriage, or adoption, is a special one, and the flexibility of the Night Sky Poster helps us celebrate them all. $49.95, and it comes with a handy star and constellation chart, in case astronomy isn't your strong suit.

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