Nina's Beach Studio with a Creative Makeshift Kitchen

House Call

Name: Nina
Location: Hermosa Beach, CA

Although Hermosa Beach is a cool 30 minutes from my office, boyfriend, friends, and yoga studio, I fell in love with my apartment down there the moment I walked in. The hardwood floors, the beamed ceilings, the ocean view. However, the space came with it's own unique challenges...

For one, it's a small studio. It doesn't have designated/separate spaces for sleeping/eating/lounging. And the kicker is: it doesn't have a kitchen. Not even a kitchen sink. So I got creative!

I built two industrial/rustic tables (one is a bar top, one is a dining table). I found materials at a local antique shop (like the window that's hung above the ikea expedit to create a separate kitchen space). I bought a bar cart and designed a cooking area. And I used ALL of your site's helpful ideas for small space living, plus some more of my own.

Thanks, Nina!

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(Image credits: Submitted by Nina)