Nine New Small Space Seating, Storage & Surface Solutions Worth Trying

By now you probably know about storing things under your bed, or hanging them on the back of a door, or in boxes in the awkward space between your kitchen cabinets and the ceiling. So for this post we've endeavored to bring you some small space solutions you might not have already thought of, clever little tricks that will help you get the most out of your home no matter its size.

Above: Incorporate your television into a wall of wall-mounted shelving to get the advantage of storage above and below. Image from Sanna Tranlov.

From Sanna & Sania: Replace your sofa with a couple of chairs (or maybe even three) to save space and gain flexibility.

Place a bookcase behind your sofa for extra storage, as seen on A Cup of Jo.

No space for furniture in the entryway? A little wall mounted table can provide a convenient place ot stash keys and mail, as seen on Design Sponge.

A long shelf mounted just below the ceiling and running the length of the room is a great way to get lots of extra storage without losing floor space. Image from Design Sponge.

No room for a nightstand? A wall mounted shelf can do the trick too, as seen on Kelsey Design.

An extended windowsill can turn into a sunny workspace, as in this small DC apartment.

Don't neglect the little spaces between doors, or behind doors. The residents of this tiny NYC apartment, spotted on Refinery29, used smaller pieces, and lots of hooks, to create a storage spot even in this tiny little cranny.

This may be the best small space advice yet (inspired by this vignette from Jessica & Scott's East Coast Nest). Get a big basket, park it under an end table or console table, and use it to stash the things that are in transition, or just don't have a home. Clutter can really cramp your style in a small space, and having a way to get those things off the floor can really make a big difference.

Looking for even more clever solutions?

(Image credits: Sanna Tranlov; Sanna & Sania; A Cup of Jo; Design Sponge; Design Sponge; Kelsey Design; StyleMutt Home ; Refinery29; Pablo Enriquez)