No Bones About It: 5 Skulls You Can Use Year Round

No Bones About It: 5 Skulls You Can Use Year Round

Tara Bellucci
Oct 17, 2016

We love Halloween, but not everyone wants their space to look like a haunted house all year long. Sadly, pumpkins are seasonal, but a few skulls here and there can add a little edginess without looking like a prop shop. Here are five bony buys for a bit of spooky style during the other eleven months of the year.

1. Muertos playing cards, $15

Beautifully designed in black or white with gold ink. The face cards are gorgeous, too.

2. Skull neon lamp, $129

Light up the night with a bright neon skull.

3. Day of the Dead corkscrew, sale $18.97

A pretty play on a classic corkscrew.

4. Skull glass marker set, $14.99

A ghoulish (and geometric) way to know which glass is yours.

5. Ice skull molds, $15.95

Bonus: you can perform the Hamlet soliloquy without putting down your drink.

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