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Okay, so it's Sunday and you're busy (or lazy) and the last thing you feel like doing is cleaning up around the house. I get it — but a clean bedroom has a ripple effect that you'll really enjoy. You'll sleep better tonight, and come tomorrow (and the rest of the week), be more likely to make your bed and have a more organized morning routine. All it takes is a little effort this evening and you'll be ready to reap the rewards.

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First, put on some music! Check the comments on these posts for some suggestions from our readers:

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Then, declutter. Be careful not to get get sucked into decluttering everywhere. Stay focused on the bedroom only and it shouldn't take too long at all.

After the decluttering is done, check the time.

If you only have enough time for a quick clean, this is the post for you:

If you have time for a thorough cleaning, good for you. Here is your 12-step program:

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For tomorrow morning (and beyond):

Congrats — enjoy your clean bedroom and have a great sleep!

Does sleeping in a clean room make you have a better night's sleep?

Re-edited from a post that originally published 3.16.11 - AB