[We'd love to be able to offer this to our guests]
We've never had the luxury of an extra room devoted to guests. When family and friends come to stay they used to get a daybed mattress on the living room floor (pretty welcoming huh?). Well, we've gotten rid of the daybed, so now what?

We're considering investing in an air mattress to keep stashed when we don't have guests (which to be fair isn't very often, but every once in a while a cousin comes through or a good friend visits from out of town). We want to be good hosts so badly (since we've been hosted so many times in such lovely ways in other people's homes) that we're even considering a policy whereby the guest gets our bed and we take the air mattress. is this totally crazy? And if you've got any other solutions or air mattress advice, bring it on!

[image from domino]