No More Excuses! Answers to What's Keeping You From Enjoying Your Outdoor Space to Its Fullest

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Have you been enthusiastically reading all of our posts about whipping your outdoor area into shape but have yet to actually enjoy even a minute in yours? Whether it's because of the weather, the size, your expectations or the bugs, we've got some answers that will bust excuses so you can finally start enjoying your outdoor space!

Excuse: You think your outdoor space is just too puny to be able to do what you want (or you don't have one at all)
Even the smallest outdoor spaces can be lovely and full of enjoyment! And you can maximize the view when you don't have an outdoor space at all:

Excuse: Your backyard is too big/unfinished and you don't have time to fix it up
Plan a picnic instead! These posts might get you started in the right direction:

Excuse: Bugs are eating you alive
Don't let bugs keep you out of your outdoor area, whether it's a whole backyard or just a balcony.

Excuse: The weather's too hot
Why not try spending time in your outdoor area when the temperatures are a little cooler in the evening and night:

Excuse: You don't know what to do or how to really use it
Well don't just stay away from your outdoor area because you're low on ideas on how to have fun! There are plenty of things you can do to maximize your time in your outdoor space. The list below is a great start, but don't underestimate the power of a good book-reading session or a nice glass of wine with friends.

Excuse: You don't have the budget to fix your outdoor area up
You can still enjoy an outdoor area even if you don't have a lot of dough to spend. In fact, your outdoor space is a great spot in your home to cut corners but still have a stylish-looking space.

Excuse: It's too sunny and not private enough
Sun can be a bummer. So can seeing your neighbors when you're just trying to enjoy some private outdoor time. There's help!

Excuse: You just don't feel inspired
Well then keep looking at gorgeous outdoor spaces until you get inspired!

Excuse: It doesn't feel alive or enjoyable to be out there
No matter the size or state of your outdoor area, the addition of life-giving plants can boost the look and feel instantly. If you need inspiration for plants and gardens, look no further:

What's your excuse for not enjoying your outdoor space? And then tell us what you can do to bust that excuse!

(Image credits: CB2; Jess Watson; Lindsey Johnson for Design Mom; Image from Flickr member James Jordan licensed under Creative Commons License; Pottery Barn; Shutterstock; Pier 1; Norman A. Plate via Sunset Mag; Adrienne Breaux)

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