Dog Art: Creature Comfort on the Wall

Dog Art: Creature Comfort on the Wall

A good friend of mine in New York just moved into a small studio apartment and desperately wants a dog — in fact, she's wanted a dog for years. Small spaces and rental agreements make it hard to have a pet, as do busy schedules, so she likely won't have a pooch for some time. As I was flipping through a recent issue of House Beautiful (see third image above), it occurred to me that, for now, a huge image of a furry friend could be the perfect housewarming gift for her.

Sure, a photograph won't measure up to the experience of having a pet, but I find that portraits of animals can offer a space a sense of warmth and liveliness. I think a huge poster or print for my friend could be just the ticket for her new home — and to tide her over until she gets that Bernese Mountain Dog of her dreams.

1. William Wegman print available at 20x200
2. Dan Nelken print available at Lens Culture
3. Chris Barrett Design featured in House Beautiful
4. Kitten and Feather from The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose
5. Takashi Homma print available at Aperture Foundation
6. Bulldog 1 from Catherine's Animals by Catherine Ledner
7. Robin Schwartz print available at Aperture Foundation

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Images: As linked above.

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