No Wifi Required: Game Apps for Public Transit Commuters

Tablet App Recommendations

If the bus or train is your usual mode of getting to and from work, take a gander at this roundup of tablet apps designed for killing time in transit. The best part of this roundup is that all of these apps do not require an internet connection, making each addictively uninterruptable...


1. Puzzle Retreat (iOS & Android), Free.
2. Solar Flux HD (iPad), $3.99.
3. Plants vs Zombies 2 (iOS), Free.
4. Whale Trail (Android & iOS), Free.


5. Doodle Fit 2: Around the World (iOS & Android), Free.
6. The Room (Android & iPad), $1.99.
7. Where's My Water? (iOS, Android, & Windows 8), $.99, W8 $4.99.
8. BADLAND (iOS), $3.99.
9. Doodle Jump HD (iPad), $2.99.

Want even more apps to make commuting more enjoyable? Check out these from our archives: 

Image 1: Shutterstock, all others as linked above

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