“No Wire Hangers!”: Cushy Closet or Padded Cell?

“No Wire Hangers!”: Cushy Closet or Padded Cell?

Laurie Siegel
Feb 8, 2012

Joan Crawford's infamous “no wire hangers!” is seen by some as the ultimate sign of mental and maternal unfitness. For others, like me, it's just sound advice. After all, she's got a point: Dry-cleaner wire hangers are bad for the environment, delicate clothing and a certain organizational aesthetic. Can't we just consider Crawford's cry as a slightly overzealous call to get our homes in order? Is Crawford just Kevin Sharkey with a bad rep and cold cream?

And so, I put the question to you, readers: How do you distinguish between unhealthy compulsiveness and good housekeeping? Are there organizational techniques, green products or general housekeeping guidelines that you insist upon that others might suggest border on obsessive? Where do you draw the line?

(Image: Paramount Pictures, Mommy Dearest, 1981)

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