No Yard? No Problem: Gutter Gardening

When you live in an apartment without a backyard it can be hard not to have garden envy, especially if you are endowed with a green thumb. Reader and condo dweller Laura didn't let this stop her and instead took a cue from an Apartment Therapy post last year on gutter gardening to grow this gorgeous lettuce.

As Laura can tell you, there's something so satisfying about growing your own food and it seems to taste doubly good. And your kids will love watching lettuce (or herbs or other vegetables) go from seed to sprout to salad. (Young kids, obviously, should be supervised on a balcony).

See more of Laura's gutter garden experiment (including a bump in the road and how she overcame it) at Half a Yard.

(Re-edited from a post originally published on 6.16.2010 - CM)

(Image: Half a Yard)

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