Nolen Niu: The Zero Chaise

As seen in the most recent Flaunt magazine(#77), Los Angeles designer Nolen Niu is garnering tons of attention with his "Zero" chaise, which he showed at the last ICFF in New York. The Zero Chaise is a thin slab covered in red leather that is cantilevered on a single narrow bar, giving the illusion that it is hovering above the ground. Nolen explains, "I really thought that when you're sitting on a chaise, it's that whole concept of relaxing and letting yourself go..." But just because it looks like it's floating doesn't mean it doesn't carry weight, in fact it can carry up to 200 pounds. Nolen is currently developing several projects including a limited edition clothing line at Suru on Melrose. Check out more of this local talent's work at his website. (image from Flaunt Magazine by William Cole)