Impermanent Fixes to "Hideous" Rental Kitchen?

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Q: I have a problem with the kitchen (larger photo below) in the condo that I rent. I can not change the cabinets, the tile, or the granite tops. While a lot of people might love the look of the kitchen, I think it is hideous. The countertop is super modern, the tile is mexicana, and the cabinets are americana country! And I'm none of that.

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I would describe my decor style to be very very close the french country but with a little eclectic twist in small details. I was wondering if there is ANYTHING I can do to this kitchen that is not permanent? The most desirable situation is to somehow cover the tiles because I can live with the cabinets and the dark countertop, but that tile is an eyesore!

Sent by Stephanie

Editor: Know of any landlord-friendly fixes that Stephanie could try? Let us know in the comments below - thanks!

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Good Questions

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