Nontraditional Christmas Tree Options

I have saved so much money over the last few holidays by purchasing an artificial Christmas tree. This year I picked up Modernica's small superstar holiday tree and I am in love! It is the perfect size for my desk and makes me happy every time I look at it while working. When I go home for Christmas, my parents have a very traditional Christmas, but when I am in Los Angeles for the holidays I like to switch it up a bit with nontraditional decor.

You can dress up the wood Christmas trees or leave them plain for a more minimal look. I have seen Modernica's tree painted green and even painted with glitter. I think I may leave mine the natural wood tone, but buy some mini ornaments to jazz it up a bit. How will you be decorating for Christmas this year? Will you be buying a real tree or something less traditional?

• Superstar Holiday Tree (small): Modernica $229
• Natural Bay Leaf Tree (large): Pottery Barn $149
• Scalloped Trees (large): West Elm $63
• 3ft Tabletop Tree: PossibiliTree $160

Images: As credited above

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