(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Carpet company Nood bills itself as “not a carpet company that makes some green products but a green company that makes carpet.” Each of their carpets is made of sustainable materials, including MBDC-certified Cradle to Cradle preferred material, Natiq EnviroWork 30 nylon 6 fiber with 30% recycled content and a non-petroleum based polymer derived from soybeans.

And as applaudable as Nood's dedication to green product development is, it's further reinforced with a selection of stylish designs, all which can be previewed and customized using their Nood Lab portfolio viewer. They've even got a manifesto explaining the Noodist belief in "dematerialization", the stripping down to basic materials with minimal chemical content. Sure beats the VOC emitting and fugly carpeting they just laid down in our offices.