If you're looking for artwork, it may be right under your nose! Plates aren't just for the table anymore, hanging them as art is a fun, unique and resourceful way to make a custom wall arrangement. Whether you already own the plates or you're buying second hand — this method of decor is both responsible and resourceful —

Yankee Belle featured a simple DIY (photo 1, above) which is given a extra level of punch thanks to spray paint - this bright and bold arrangement was put together for a whopping $14, and the custom colors and arrangement fits perfectly into what might have been an overlooked spot between a door and cabinetry. If you are going to give it a try yourself, pay attention to size and shape of the plates — the most successful arrangements showcase a variation of form (as well as the color mix!).

And of course, If you don't want to paint — don't worry! We love the eclectic and worldly look of groups of plates of all different shapes, sizes and colors (as shown in photos 2-4). Because you're grouping them together as a collection, paying attention to common colors isn't relevant — that's the great thing about collections!

More info on the spray painted plate project: Yankee Belle

Images: 1. Yankee Belle, 2. I Dream of Letters, 3. Marimekko, 4. Jess Chamberlain, 5. House and Home