Not Your Average Teenagers Bedroom

14 year old Yasmin, from Kuwait, is an aspiring interior designer. She's recently made over her room and it's a perfect space to catapult her into adulthood and hopefully a fabulous career path. Check out all 5 views of her space after the jump!

Yasmin has a very sophisticated, yet playful room that we would have loved to have had when we were her age. She has spots for her musical interests, a place to study, sleep and relax and hang out. It's a great example of keeping things tidy and clutter controlled, a task that can seem increasingly harder the older you get and more things you acquire and desire.

You can see more view of Yasmin's room over at the Live Journal community, Saucy Dwellings.

Nice Work Yasmin!

(Images: Yasmin for Saucy Dwellings)

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