Not Your Grandma's Rug: Rugged Art

Not Your Grandma's Rug: Rugged Art

Grace Shu
Oct 16, 2007

Over the course of the workday, we managed to develop a crick in our neck. Which then led to us faceplanted on the rug for about 20 minutes with a one of those cheap heatpads stuck to our neck. During this time, we also observed that our rug needed to be replaced. We decided to go off the beaten path this time around, and checked out some "finer art" rugs at Rugged Art.

This British company pairs today's high dollar fine artists like Ryan McGinness and Rostarr with the luxury of Tibetan rugs. The outcome? These rugs are so great that you'll probably yell at all of your guests to take their shoes off before entering (but we do that anyway).

The Ryan McGinness rug pictured here is so intricate and detailed that we are fighting the urge to invite a bunch of you over to ingest some psychedelic shrooms, listen to The Doors, and go on the best magic carpet ride ever. Who's in?

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