Notepad for Mac: Does More than Just Edit Text

Notepad for Mac: Does More than Just Edit Text

Range Govindan
Aug 26, 2011

Notepad is the tried and true text editing software on Windows. We've actually got Notepad running 24/7 to write down our to-do lists and such, but there's also a Notepad for Mac. This app does a lot more than just take notes, and allows you to manage all of the text files and snippets you've got on your computer, making it easy to find something you're looking for.

Notepad for Mac is made by Apimac and costs $9.99. It basically a way to organize text files. It can save, copy, paste, and organize all of your favorite text snippets. You can simply drag text from other apps, drop in a text file from Finder, or wite one yourself. Notepad supports images and spell-checking. This kind of behavior reminds us of Microsoft OneNote. This handy Microsoft app was our default low-key text editor. We used it to paste in text, images and snippets that we used in articles, research and blog posts. Unfortunately, there's no OneNote for Mac .

You can assign titles and categories to each note. Notes can be located by text search as well. Notes can also be password protected. Once the password is entered, the Notepad database will open. DevonThink Pro does something like this as well, but it's a lot more expensive.

It's been a few months since we started using iA Writer on our Mac. It's become our default text editor in OS X. It's surprising how effective it is and how easily it lets us concentrate on the writing we need to get done. Unless we have longer articles or papers to write, we usually stick with iA Writer. For those longer articles, we still use Microsoft Word.

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(Image: Flickr member Phillie Casablanca licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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