AT On: The Pressure to be Perfect

Nothing makes you realize your faults more than showing your home. We're moving in May and a few people have stopped by to look at our apartment. As much as we'd like to think we're great apartment dwellers, to be honest we're a little messy. Normally we're the kind of people that don't mind a pile of laundry or an unmade bed, but when you've got strangers walking through your space it makes you a little self-conscious...

Writing for a design blog, we're aware that selective photos can do wonders for a home, and everyone has one or two things that they don't like to show. We've dealt with the pressure to be perfect, and we've learned that letting things go is sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself. But it's easy to forget all that when the leasing agent calls to schedule a last-minute appointment and you've got a huge pile of dirty laundry to deal with.

One thing that's brought us some comfort is our own apartment search. We've seen sinks full of dishes, cluttered cabinets, and unmade beds because that's the way most people live. Some of these apartments need of a lot of love, and some of them are well-cared-for homes with normal owners who haven't gotten around to cleaning out the closet. It's a nice reminder that no one's perfect.