"Nothing Succeeds Like Excess": Here Comes Downton Abbey Season 3

The tears, the drama, the interiors, the clothes! It's all coming back and I, for one, can't wait. Season two ended up being a bit more of a snooze than the inaugural run, but sophmore slumps are the norm, no? Season three looks amazing! Check out the trailer...

It premieres in the UK this month - those of us here in the US will get in on the fun in January 2013.

Three words: Maggie meets MacLaine! So, who is in?

The Stylish Obsession is Back: Downton Abbey
Steal the Style: Downton Abbey
Downton Abbey, Yankee Style: New England's Historic Homes & Gardens
Downton Abbey D├ęcor May Be a Reality

Via: Jezebel

(Image/Video: ITV)

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