November is a Busy Month!

November is a Busy Month!

Maxwell Ryan
Nov 27, 2006

Now we begin to ramp up for the holiday season and we've got a bunch of things in store that will take us into December and the year's end:

1st. We're going to take T-shirt submissions until Wednesday at noon, decide on the most likely to succeed and then throw it back at you for voting until Friday. We've sent out confirmations of those received (some really good ones!), so if you haven't gotten one, please resend to Justine (at) apartmenttherapy (dot) com. Thx!...

2nd. We're going to begin our survey of the best home shops in 2006. We did this last year and we're going to improve on it this year by reducing the number of categories and moving a bit more swiftly. If you know of a shop that's awesome that we don't know yet, be sure to mention it when the time comes.

3rd. We're adding some Best Products to the AT Store this week!

4th Oh, and did we mention it's Entertaining Season? Though we've been slow to feel the holiday spirit (with the temperatures up so high), we would love your entertaining and gift tips while we focus on blogging the stuff that makes our homes a bit more special during this season.

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